Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that over a million North Americans are playing the latest PlayStation console.

If you follow gaming industry news, you probably had a good idea that the PlayStation 4 would sell well, at least initially. Preorder demand was so high that many retailers put them on hold entirely, while Sony predicted that 3 million units would be sold by New Years Day. Now actual numbers are trickling in, and it appears that Sony’s prediction was warranted: In its first 24 hours, over a million units were sold in North America alone, a figure that will dramatically increase with Europe’s launch on November 29th.

Of course, the successful launch has led to console shortages, with many preorders not arriving until Christmas or even January 2014. Regardless, Sony is well on its way to reaching 5 million sales by the end of the fiscal year. Whether that success continues this console generation remains to be seen, especially with competition from the Xbox One and Steam Machines, but it’s still a promising start.

Source: Twitter, via Polygon

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