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PlayStation 5 Digital Event Reportedly Scheduled for Next Week

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Sony will reportedly hold a PlayStation 5 conference as soon as next week. Reports from both Bloomberg and VentureBeat say the event is currently set for June 3, with the information coming from their own respective sources familiar with Sony’s plans. However, the date is said not to be set in stone. For now though, signs point to a next-gen games-focused digital event being held on Wednesday of next week.

Both sites suggest additional PlayStation 5 presentations will continue to roll out through to the console’s yet-to-be-announced release date. In other words, don’t expect to learn the PlayStation 5’s price, release date, games, etc. all in one go. However, VentureBeat does say that Sony is aware of the backlash Microsoft received after its Xbox 20/20 event and plans to respond by using the June event to focus on “PS5 games that are actually running on real hardware.”

VentureBeat added that Sony is planning another State of Play event for early August. This tentative digital event is said to “focus on both next- and current-gen games.” The publisher held a Ghost of Tsushima State of Play earlier this month, and a The Last of Us Part II event is scheduled to take place today.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been faced with extraordinary circumstances when deciding how to market their respective next-gen consoles, thus resulting in an unorthodox lead-up. The Escapist’s Marty Sliva covered the topic recently.

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