PlayStation All-Stars Island Wears Endorsements On Its Sleeve


Sony has unleashed a launch trailer for its mini-game-focused PlayStation All-Stars Island, and in case you somehow miss it, this game is brought to you by the Coca-Cola corporation.

PlayStation All-Stars Island is a semi-sequel to Sony’s mascot fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. While that game drew middling affection from players, Sony is apparently dedicated to the idea of casting all of its (arguably) famous characters in a single game, and in that vein we have the mobile-exclusive PlayStation All-Stars Island. Unlike its predecessor, PlayStation All-Stars Island is a collection of mini-games themed around the game’s various characters. It’s also free, but to make that happen, Sony had to seek out corporate sponsorship.

This is why Coke Zero advertisements actually outnumber any single character in this newly-released launch trailer for PlayStation All-Stars Island.

Beyond the obnoxious advertising efforts though, this trailer doesn’t look too appalling. The game has apparently lifted all of its major cues from popular mobile gaming tropes – Nathan Drake looks so comfortable with an endless runner that it’s as if he just stepped out of Temple Run – while slathering the presentation in ideas familiar to fans of the series’ from which the game’s roster hails. Plus, as I mentioned above, PlayStation All-Stars Island is available for free download, so it’s hard to look into this gift horse’s mouth for too long.

If you’re interested in trying PlayStation All-Stars Island for yourself, just pay a vist to either the Android mobile store or Apple’s App Store, and download the title. It should be easy to find with a simple search for “PlayStation.” Then, leave your thoughts in the comments below. Particularly if they’re witty. We don’t mind if you want to trash this title, but at least be entertaining about it.

Source: YouTube

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