PlayStation CEO Hopes 2008 Was “As Bad As it Gets”


Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton said 2008 was like being lashed to a mast in the midst of a storm but added that he’s hopeful last year was “as bad as it gets.”

Sony put out ten million PlayStation 3 consoles in its previous fiscal year and is aiming for 13 million unit sales this year, a target that some analysts see as indicative of an imminent price cut. But Sony CEO Howard Stringer yesterday dismissed calls for a lower price and in an interview with Fast Company, Tretton echoed those comments by saying that while there have been moments of doubt, Sony is sticking to its plan.

“It’s like being out there in a storm – it does cause you to question your conviction, and tie yourself to the mast and weather the storm,” he said. “We have hit a very challenging period of trying to sell future technology, a high-end device, but [it] is on the high-end retail pricing spectrum at a time when people’s disposable income is limited. But I think the fact we were successful in that says people are getting the message, that you get tremendous value when you buy a PlayStation product. Yes there are cheaper machines out there, but not ones that deliver the degree of value for the money that ours does.”

While 2008 may have been ugly, Tretton sees better things coming for this year and beyond. “Hopefully last year is as bad as it gets. I think all indicators are that 2009 is going better than 2008,” Tretton said. “My hope is that as our production efficiencies improve and more great games come to market, the horizon has got to be better for 2009 and 2010.”

“I feel like the PS3 is perfectly positioned. You like playing DVDs, but you’re not ready for Blu-ray? Fine, our machine plays them,” he continued. “Are you interested in disc-based content, or digital content? Because we can play both. And we can stream digital downloads of TV shows and movies in standard definition or high definition. So whatever the argument is, I feel like the PS3 is perfectly positioned to be the toll booth that everybody runs through.”

via: Edge Online

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