PlayStation Vita Gets a Twitch App

This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Looking for a use for your PlayStation Vita? Use it to watch Twitch!

The lack of new releases on PlayStation Vita has been a running joke for a while now. It’s been reinforced by the lack of Sony showing off anything new at E3 the past couple of years. Today there’s a new release for the Vita, but it’s not a game – it’s a Twitch app.

The new app will let users watch live Twitch streams and recorded video. You’ll also be able to browse channels and see a featured selection of PlayStation broadcasters.

The app will also work on PlayStation TV, which means that there is now a Twitch app on every Sony platform (That’s also true of Microsoft platforms as well).

While it’s not a system-selling app, it’s at least a nice addition for those of us who already own the handheld.

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