Pokemon Dev’s New Game Combines Horse Riding and Solitaire

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more bizarre pairing than Game Freak’s Sorti Horse.

Earlier this week, Pokemon developer Game Freak teased a “mystery collaboration” on its website, hinting at a new upcoming game. That game has now been revealed as Sorti Horse, a game which finally does the obvious and combines elements of the card game Solitaire with horse racing. If you are scratching your head over this one, you’re not alone, as I’m still trying to figure out just where Game Freak pulled this one out of. It’ll be available for 500 yen on the Japanese 3DS eShop on July 31, with no word of a western release.

The game’s two distinct phases are aptly named the “Solitaire phase” and the “control phase”. During the Solitaire phase, you can improve your bond with your horse to make it run faster. By playing Solitaire.

In the control phase, you’ll navigate various race courses with the touchscreen. During races you’ll have to react to things, such as changes in the course surface. In the final stretch you can give yourself a boost by using special items collected during the race (Mario Kart style) as well as by whipping your horse to make it run faster.

Interestingly enough, this will actually be the first game that Game Freak has self-published.

Known mostly for the Pokemon series, Game Freak also released HarmoKnight last year, a rhythm platformer for the 3DS that was met with generally positive reviews.

Source: 4gamer (Japanese) via Destructiod

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