The Tony Hawk of Portal 2 is back with another video of insane cube tricks that now incorporate more complicated techniques.

If you haven’t played Portal 2 yet, this video will definitely spoil parts of the game for you. Skip watching it if you don’t want that to happen.
This has been a **SPOILER ALERT**

YouTube’s Schrobotindisguise, the trickster behind Portal 2 “Insane Cube Tricks” part one, is back with another video of crazy puzzle solutions that many of us could never conceive. It doesn’t disappoint either.

The first video covered every test chamber with cubes and switches from chapters 1 and 2. Part two covers later chapters that add the functionality of light bridges and gels, making some of the tricks even more amazing.

One of the best tricks doesn’t involve either though. In one chamber Schrobot flies between two portals with a cube in tow, only to release it in mid-air and then hop off of it, still in mid-air, onto the exit platform. Impressive.

The fact that cubes can be covered in Portal 2‘s bouncy blue gel makes for another interesting trick. Schrobot is able to catch a blued-up cube, and then toss it through a fountain of cleaning liquid to wash it and have it land right on the intended button. This guy’s got the touch.

Schrobot even gets a little fancy and starts playing Portal 2 like a slam-dunk contest, throwing cubes into the air, spinning around, and then landing his shot. The video also features a few outtakes, such as when his Xbox 360 controller disconnected halfway through a trick. Schrobot teases that part three will be “pretty special” due to chapter 8 being full of cubes and buttons, while he also somehow plans to do co-op, likely with a clone of himself. Look forward to it.

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