Pre-Order Fable 3, Receive a Person


The pre-order bonus for Fable 3 is a little bit more ambulatory than you might have been expecting.

It’s not unusual to get some piece of special content in exchange for pre-ordering a game, maybe a snazzy suit of armor or a cool new weapon. Fable 3 is doing things a little bit differently though, as rather than handing out some shiny trinket, it’s giving players the chance to add an NPC to the game.

Players will be able to name their NPC, decide what they look like, and shape their personality. The NPC is confined to its maker’s version of the game, but those who want to share their creations can do so via Twitter or Facebook. According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson, there are 2000 different visual combinations for the character, so you’re almost certainly going to be able to get him or her looking the way you want. As yet, no specific retailers have been named for the bonus, but that’s likely to change in the near future.

It’s certainly an unusual incentive, but an interesting one all the same. There are a lot of things you can do with a custom-built NPC, from creating the perfect spouse, to recreating yourself, or even inventing a crazy woodland hermit unique to your game. It’s probably for the best that it’s limited to just one character though, as otherwise you could lose days making entire villages.

Fable 3 is due for release on October 26th for PC and Xbox 360.

Source: Shacknews

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