Presenting the Zero Punctuation Critter Plushie!


Ever thought, after watching that week’s Zero Punctuation, “Gee, I’d really love a stuffed plush of that wacky li’l critter, where can I get one?” No? Well that’s about to change.

What exactly is it about tiny evil imps that makes them oh-so-huggable? Well, we here at The Escapist aren’t sure, but damned if they aren’t adorable. This may require rigorous scientific testing, and you out there in Internet Land might just be able to help out!

After ordering your adorable 8″ high plush from the official Escapist store and waiting for delivery, why not make like Yahtzee and dress the little guy up? Put a scarf on him. Or a helmet. And then give him lots and lots of love and hugs.

And then report your findings. Take a picture! Remember, for each and every one of these adorable little fellers that gets a good home, The Escapist will, like… I don’t know. We’ll give virtual internet cookies to homeless orphan puppies or something like that. That sounds good, right?

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