Prime Video’s ‘The Continental’ Is a Pulse-Pounding, Guns-Blazing Return to the John Wick Universe.

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The John Wick movies wouldn’t have been the same without New York’s The Continental, a luxurious hotel that served as neutral ground for the criminal underworld, merciless assassins included. And as explosive and action-packed as Wick’s journey has been, he’s only one of its many patrons.

In this prequel, Prime Video is throwing open the doors and inviting in new guests for an action-packed three-episode stay, with the first of three episodes launching on the platform on September 22nd.

And, like Wick himself, you’ll be in the company of its owner, Winston Scott. But this isn’t the Winston you know, Ian McShane’s suave, seasoned man of the world.

Instead, The Continental steps back in time to the ’70s, introducing us to a younger, less certain Winston, portrayed by Colin Woodell (The Flight Attendant). Dragged into his brother’s affairs, he faces the wrath of the hotel’s current owner, Cormac, the supremely menacing kingpin of New York City.

Cormac is far from Winston’s only concern, however. NYPD detective KD (Mishel Prada) has personal reasons to uncover the truth behind the hotel and, with partner Mayhew (Jeremy Bobb) covering her back, she’ll move Heaven and Hell to get it. She won’t find many angels inside The Continental.

This three-part series delivers plenty of frantic action but there’s also a healthy dose of mystery and subterfuge. Fists and firearms only go so far and Winston will have to capitalize on his wits if he’s to become the man John Wick counts as a friend.

Fortunately, he’s not without allies, nor is he the only character who’ll be familiar to John Wick fans. Ayomide Adegun plays concierge Charon, taking over from the late Lance Reddick. Can Winston persuade him to rethink his loyalty to his brutal employer? Throw in a handful of other characters, whose motivations may not be immediately apparent, and you’re in for a treat.

John Wick fans will be glad Prime Video is expanding on the movies’ rich mythos, but it won’t leave you scratching your head if you’re not amongst their number. It promises enough dynamite action and mind-bending intrigue to hook those who haven’t watched the Keanu Reeves quadrilogy.

So put out your Do Not Disturb signs and prepare for The Continental to take you on a wild ride through the wider Wickverse. The first of the three feature-length episodes hits Prime Video globally this September 22nd. Start your 30 day free trial now.

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