Prince of Persia Goes LEGO


The Prince of Persia movie is getting a line of LEGO toys, but does that mean a LEGO Prince of Persia game is in the works?

Disney and LEGO are partnering up to steal even more money from little kids and bigger manchildren with a whole LEGO line-up of Disney licensed properties, including Toy Story, Cars and Prince of Persia. The PoP toys, due for release in 2010, will be based on the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley. So don’t expect the toys to look like the Sands of Time Prince or even the new Prince of Persia Prince, expect them to look like Donnie Darko. In any case, say it with me now: Prince of Persia: The LEGOs Based On The Movie Based On The Game.

Of course, this all begs the question of whether or not we’ll ever see a LEGO Prince of Persia game. It’s certainly not that far fetched – Traveller’s Tales seems to be rumored to be doing about twenty different LEGO adaptations at a single time, from LEGO Harry Potter to LEGO Rock Band to LEGO The Shawshank Redemption. With Prince of Persia though, there’d already be a toy line and a movie, so the opportunity would be prime. Only issue is, Disney owns the license, while Traveller’s Tales is owned by Disney arch nemsis Warner Bros. Still, as Joystiq points out, they’ve done Indiana Jones and Star Wars, so that might not exactly be a problem unless Disney has a problem with it, which they very well might.

Gameplay wise, I could definitely see it working. Smash some stuff to make it explode into a bunch of blocks, then rewind time to make all the blocks fall back into place? This game practically designs itself. Hell, just take the last Prince of Persia and replace those Light Seeds with Lego Seeds and you’ve already got a collect-a-thon worthy of any LEGO game. In any case, say it with me now: LEGO Prince of Persia: The Game Based On The LEGOs Based On The Movie Based On The Game.

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