Prison Architect Gets Final Update


The v2.0 patch for Prison Architect will be the final update for the game.

Fans of indie prison-construction-sim Prison Architect, I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that the game has just received a rather substantial “v2.0” patch, adding dozens of new features and fixes. The bad news is that this will be the final update for the game, as the developers are moving on to a new project.

“After six years of development including over 40 monthly updates, this is the final content update for Prison Architect and the final video. We will of course continue fixing bugs and providing support. We are going to take a break for a little while, but we will be back soon with our next game,” wrote the developer in a blog post. You can read the full 2.0 changelog here.

Prison Architect started life as one of the first major “Early Access” titles, giving fans a taste of the in-development game, if they were willing to put down an advance payment. Introversion certainly believes Early Access works, and in its final post claimed that over 2 million people have bought the game.

The game was originally a PC exclusive but was brought to consoles this spring.

What do you guys think? Is Prison Architect really “finished” or are Introversion “abandoning” it for greener pastures?

Source: Introversion

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