Pro Wrestler Wants More Violence in Games


WWE superstar Randy Orton is hoping developers will fight politicians and include “more violence” in games.

Randy Orton was recently in London promoting THQ’s upcoming SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 release when he revealed to the crowd that games should be more violent than they currently are, even comparing them to cinematic classic Goodfellas.

“Violence sells. I want to see more violence in games – the more blood the better,” he said.

Orton criticized parents who try to limit mature content in games, but “don’t know their kids are watching South Park.”

“The violence [in Goodfellas] is against human beings,” said Orton, explaining the imbalance between movie violence and games’. “There’s rape in movies – you see all kinds of f***ed up s*** on film.”

Completing his comparison, he says the Martin Scorsese flick makes Grand Theft Auto IV look like “just a cartoon.”

The former WWE champion owns his own Xbox 360 and Wii consoles. However, the birth of his daughter last month has kept him “too covered in poop” to play games.

Orton, one of the A-listers on WWE’s Monday night RAW show, is currently out of action due to a broken collarbone suffered during a Last Man Standing match with coworker and current WWE Champion Triple H on June 1.

Source: PSP Updates

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