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Stylized FPS throwback Prodeus is coming to Steam Early Access one day earlier than expected. Humble Games and Bounding Box Software Inc. revealed today that the game will arrive on Nov. 9. Check out some of the ways you can “paint the walls red” in the new announcement trailer below.

Prodeus began as a Kickstarter project back in March of 2019 and eventually went on to double its original funding goal of $52,500. It’s probably easiest to compare this sci-fi shooter to the Doom titles of the ‘90s, but Humble and Bounding Box are pitching the game as a modern, more gory evolution of the classic formula. Some familiar elements, such as fast-paced FPS action and secrets to uncover, are key parts of the retro title. However, an emphasis on visuals has the game looking smoother and more engaging than what limited technology offered in the past.

Prodeus brings more than just its campaign to the table, as players will be able to engage in user-generated content by way of a level editor, which Kickstarter described as “powerful and intuitive.” In addition to what is likely to be an endless amount of player-created levels, Bounding Box promises more support throughout early access and on.

Prodeus launches Nov. 9 on PC via Steam Early Access.

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