The charmingly animated Ninokuni: Another World, made by Professor Layton devs Level-5 and legendary anime creators Studio Ghibli, will be making its way to the beefy PS3 as well as the DS. Simply put, it’s gorgeous.

It’s been quite a while – almost two years – since we first learned that legendary Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli was working on a game for the Nintendo DS with developer Level-5. With gorgeous animated sequences produced by in-house Ghibli teams and and an orchestrated soundtrack composed by Ghibli’s own Joe Hisaishi, Ninokuni: Another World was so beefy that it required a special 512MB DS cart.

Apparently, it was so beefy that it couldn’t just stay on the DS – Ninokuni is coming to the PS3, too. The trailer you see here puts the hand-animated Ghibli sequences side-by-side with the same scenes rendered in real-time on the PS3, and the console holds up surprisingly well.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the combat looks like a fusion of classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy and a real-time action-based Pokemon.

So, let me get this straight. It’s Final Fantasy Pokemon, developed by the makers of Professor Layton, with the art stylings of the renowned animation house behind movies like Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro? Oh, hell yes. Consider my interest officially piqued, guys.

If it comes out on both the DS and PS3 here in the States, I might even buy it twice.

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