Project Nevada Mod Brings Shooter Action to Fallout: New Vegas

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Gamers after a little more shooter-style action in Fallout: New Vegas should set their sights on Project Nevada, a hefty mod that adds dynamic crosshairs, sprinting, enhanced vision modes and even bullet time.

For an RPG, Fallout: New Vegas sure does act a lot like a shooter. Bullets and plasma bolts fly fast and furious, and even charisma-and-conversation oriented players will spend most of their time trading lead and lasers with the various scumbags of the wasteland. But gamers who prefer that sort of “shoot first, clean up the eyeballs and bits of skull later” approach to settling disputes can now ratchet up the heat even further with Project Nevada, a new mod package that adds some serious run-and-gun to the New Vegas experience.

Currently a work in progress, Project Nevada will ramp up the shooter side of the New Vegas poker chip with a range of action and combat oriented features like unique HUD visors, new vision modes including infrared and night vision, dynamic crosshairs and enhanced rifle scopes. The addition of the slow-motion bullet time mechanic, a grenade hotkey and the ability to sprint and tackle will make it even easier to lay waste to your enemies in new and interesting ways.

Work-in-progress fan projects are a dime a dozen but this one is being created by the same team that made the Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition, a “major overhaul mod” that did see the light of day (and as of September 23 2010 is up to version 6.03) and which definitely gives this one some credibility that might otherwise be lacking. So if a slo-mo skull pop in VATS isn’t quite enough to quench your thirst for irradiated blood, this might be right up your alley. Jump into the Project Nevada discussion currently underway on Bethesda’s Fallout forums to learn more!

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