The new game being developed by Witcher 2 producer Tomasz Gop finally has a name.

Remember back in April, when former CD Projekt Red man Tomasz Gop announced that he’d begun work on a new game that he referred to simply as “Project RPG?” The first, and so far only, bit of concept art might ring a louder bell: a lone figure looking out at a distant mountain that resembled nothing so much as a gigantic, half-buried hand – the hand of a fallen god. It’s a heck of an image, and now it finally has a proper name to go along with it.

Lords of the Fallen will be set in a “medieval fantasy world” ruled by a fallen god, according to an update to Gop’s LinkedIn profile, and will pit the player against his presumably evil forces, with particular emphasis on boss battles against “the formidable Lords and Generals that command his demonic army.” And while the focus is on “hardcore action-RPG” gameplay, Gop added that “the story plot and twists allow approaching the conflict between humans and demons from various perspectives.”

No, it’s not much in the way of a huge infodump revelation, but it does sound intriguing. And as a guy with five years of experience working on the Witcher franchise, Gop will hopefully be able to give the game a little more depth than the average click-to-kill-fest. Lords of the Fallen is currently slated to come out sometime in 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: LinkedIn

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