We don’t blame you for thinking you don’t need a VPN if you’re not doing much more on your computer than emailing and browsing. But if you ever bring your laptop along to a coffee shop or using public Wi-Fi when you travel, it’s a must for keeping your private info private. And when you can get it for over 90% off? Even better. Get a lifetime subscription to ZenVPN for $45 at Escapist Deals.

ZenVPN will keep you safe from hackers and snoops looking to get their hands on your personal info and browsing activity. In fact, not even ZenVPN logs your activity-your traffic will be encrypted all the time, protecting you without getting in the way. Just download and install (there’s nothing to configure or fiddle around with). And when you’re traveling abroad, it’s got your back, too, protecting you while giving you access to geo-restricted websites and BitTorrent connections (even some other VPNs don’t allow the latter).

Stay safe online-for life. Get a lifetime subscription to ZenVPN for just $45 at Escapist Deals.

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