A new firmware update for Sony’s latest systems gives users a chance to enjoy a ride through nostalgia lane.

A new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 console and PSP hand-held arrived with an unannounced easter egg feature: remote play for PS1 games on the portable.

The PS3 2.10 and PSP 3.8 firmware were released concurrently yesterday. The console update added new voice and video chat features, DivX and WMV codec support, and picture-in-picture for Blu-ray playback, whereas the hand-held added internet radio play.

While remote play of classic PlayStation title went unmentioned in either release, GamesIndustry.biz said it confirmed the feature.

Previously, a number of PS1 title have appeared on Sony’s online store, but the update’s PS1 playability extends to all titles through the PS3’s remote connection.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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