PS3 Dev: People Think PlayStation Home “Is Sh*t”


Even PlayStation Home developers think that the service has a less than positive reputation.

It must feel pretty strange when you work hard on something that you know most people think is a piece of garbage. That’s exactly the case with PlayStation Home content developer Veemee’s Kirk Ewing, who fully acknowledges that the game space doesn’t have the most favorable view amongst the gaming public. reports that at the last Game in Scotland event, Ewing admitted: “Most people think that Home is sh*t.” Veemee is responsible for Home content such as the London Pub and the V-Store which sells many different kinds of Home apparel.

Ewing followed the statement with: “I’m here to say that it’s not.” Ewing also said that Home is set to leave the open beta phase it’s been in for at least the past year-and-a-half in December, though what this exactly means for the service is unsure, and Sony has not confirmed the claim. His message on Home not being “sh*t” could possibly be referring to it as a platform for profit, rather than fun.

Waiting around in a virtual world to play a game of pool or to bowl wasn’t exactly the type of experience I wrote home to mom about (my real home) when Home first launched. However, decorating one’s house and experiencing some of the exclusive mini-games and content on the service has been entertaining, but still isn’t enough to graft me to regular use personally. They always seem to be adding interesting sounding content, though.

Somebody must be into Home, as Ewing says that “one in three PlayStation 3 owners use Home” and “there are 1.7 million repeat users each using Home for around 53 minutes on average.” I would think that anyone with a PS3 hooked up to the internet has tried Home as some point, explaining the first figure. The second figure can only be explained by the addiction people seem to have to virtual dancing and harassment of female avatars. Is Home sh*t like most people seem to think, or should it become a regular visit for more PS3 owners?


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