PSA: Last Chance to Get Fallout 4‘s Season Pass Before Price Hike

Fallout 4 Automatron

After this weekend, the cost of Fallout 4‘s season pass will go up $20.

Hey folks, got a quick PSA for all you Fallout fans: this weekend is your last chance to pick up Fallout 4‘s season pass before its March 1 price hike. Right now, you can buy the pass for $29.99, which guarantees all future content that will be released for the game.

On March 1, that price will jump up an extra $20 to $49.99. The reasoning behind this jump is apparently, Bethesda’s DLC plans are a lot more grandiose than originally projected, and the developer claims that it now has $60 worth of DLC in development for the game.

We’ve only got details on the first three pieces so far: Automatron, arriving in March, introduces robot building and “a horde of evil robots” to the game. Robots will be built by combining collected parts, including limbs, weapons, and armor. Wasteland Workshop follows in April with new construction options for settlements, including traps to capture enemies for later use in gladiatorial combat.

Finally, May’s Far Harbor will take players out of the Commonwealth and off the coast of Maine to look for a secret colony of synths. Boasting what Bethesda says is the largest landmass the company has yet created for an add-on, it will feature new settlements and creatures, along with faction quests in a story which puts a town in the middle of a conflict between the synths and the Children of Atom.

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