As a precaution to a possible breach, Twitch has reset all passwords and stream keys.

Those of you with a Twitch account, just a quick PSA that the company has sent out an official notice warning that the service may have been breached, and personal data may have been accessed. At this point, it isn’t quite sure of the damage, but as a precaution has reset all users passwords and stream keys, and disconnected all Twitter and YouTube accounts. Users will be prompted to enter a new password the next time they try to log on. The full statement is as follows:

We are writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information.

For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube. As a result, you will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account.

We also recommend that you change your password at any website where you use the same or a similar password. We will communicate directly with affected users with additional details.

Twitch Staff

Twitch offer some hints to users on how to create a good password, citing “Applesauce1!” as a bad example, and “[email protected]$auce?” as a good one (hint: do not use “[email protected]$auce?” as your password). In response to user feedback, it has lowered the minimum required characters for the password to eight.

Source: Twitch

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