PSA: You can now Return Purchases through Amazon Lockers, too

Amazon Locker 310x

Don’t need that horse mask after all? Drop it in a local Amazon Locker.

Ever use the Amazon Locker program? As someone who works from home most of the time, I have the luxury of very rarely missing the FedEx and UPS delivery people during the week. So while I don’t use Lockers often, it’s nice to have the option at the 7-Eleven down the block from my apartment.

I don’t use the service for taking orders, but returns? That’s another story.

Amazon seems to agree, because they’ve rolled out the Amazon Locker return option quietly in recent days. According to the Wall Street Journal, the return option went live only recently, and it should help with getting returnable items back as quickly as possible. If I can drop off a package at the same place where I get RedBox or coffee? Sold!

If there’s one thing Amazon is ceaselessly obsessed with, it’s order fulfillment. Amazon spent over $8 billion on new warehouse space last year, trying to gain as much storage real estate in or near major cities as possible. Now we know where all the Prime cash is going, yeah?

There are restrictions on the Locker return option, like item size (box cannot be bigger than one cubic foot, for example), and the return fee (where applicable) appears to be the same as if you dropped your item at a UPS store.

If you try it out, drop your mini-review in the forum comments!

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