PSP: Australian For Beer


I’m not sure how the convergence works, but I do know that this Stella Artois-branded PSP is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

Australian brewer Foster’s, which produces Stella under license from InBev, recently formed a sales team devoted to increasing sales of the brew in the land where “beer” is synonymous with “coffee,” or something like that. In any event, advertising agency Lowe and Rivet were asked to devise a sales presenter, and somehow came up with the idea to produce 50 customized PSPs instead.

The PSP systems were rebranded with the Stella Artois logo on the back, and feature a pre-installed Stella XMB theme as well. To tie up the package, the systems come in a hand-stitched black velvet drawstring bag emblazoned with the Stella Artois logo, a high-class touch for a unique and seriously sexy handheld console.

How this is going to sell more beer is anyone’s guess, although the Lowe and Rivet website says, “Because PSPs are wi-fi capable, Foster’s can now load up new material quicker than new pages can be printed for a loose-leaf folder.” No doubt that’s close enough to good enough for videogame fans on the Foster’s marketing team.

Unfortunately for videogame fans who don’t happen to be on the Foster’s marketing team, this little gem was designed exclusively for the company, and won’t be available commercially. The truly determined may want to keep an eye on eBay, where at least a few of these things will likely find their way, or perhaps try their luck with an online petition demanding a widespread release of the suds-themed handheld. Or you could just do what I do: Nip out, pick up a case of the Wifebeater and forget about the whole thing.

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