Sony Europe’s denials notwithstanding, the future for the PSP Go is looking bleaker and bleaker.

The PSP Go was always something of a non-starter, thanks to factors like a high price tag and no room for physical media, and for many people it was really only a matter of time before Sony pulled the plug. Now, with the emergence of new evidence suggesting Sony is discontinuing the device, it appears that time is at hand.

The original rumors started a few days ago, after a Japanese blogger noticed that consumers were no longer able to purchase the PSP Go on the Sony website. The blogger, who also claimed to be a Sony Store employee, said that Sony had confirmed to him that it would not be shipping any more PSP Go stock out. SCE Europe was evasive when asked about these rumors, however, neither confirming or denying them.

“It is a very exciting time for PlayStation portable devices,” the company said in a statement. “Before the end of the year we are launching NGP … In the meantime, the current generation of PSPs continue to be in demand, especially since the introduction of our value for money, Essentials range of games and we will continue to meet that demand.”

According to Japanese website Philweb however, SCE Japan is taking a rather different position, and has confirmed that it will not be making any more PSP Goes. What’s more, Andrisang notes that the listings for the handheld on the Japanese PlayStation website have been amended with a small note saying “Shipments Ended” in the bottom left hand corner.

While this seems pretty conclusive evidence, Sony still hasn’t formally announced it and made it all nice and official. It seems a bit of a stretch to continue to call this rumor though. We’ve contacted Sony, and will update if and when someone comes back to us.

Source: Andrisang

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