Psychic: Apollo 16 Astronauts Found Alien Life on the Moon


The psychic claims he knows this through remote viewing the experience by looking at photos and audio from the 1972 mission to the moon.

Yeah. I don’t get it either, so I’m just going to give you the facts and let you decide. A man named Jerry Harthcock from Austin, TX and head of a group called Transception Incorporated submitted a letter – along with accompanying “evidence” – to NASA, the CEO of NVidia and several major news outlets formally requesting that the crew of Apollo 16 be awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. He states that they deserve this honor because the crew had to endure seeing “shipwreck elements” while walking on the surface of the Moon such as “structures, people/aliens, biological technology, and their plight.” The six psychics who appear on the following video know these things occurred because they “remotely viewed” them.

“To be honest, I don’t know that much about the actual astronauts involved and won’t waste the ink needed to give a detailed background as astronauts here,” Harthcock wrote in the letter. “Instead, I would simply refer to the enhanced/reconstructed images in the Appendix showing the remains of an ancient “shipwreck” on the surface of the Moon. As you can see, the images speak for themselves.”

Perhaps my eyes are deaf, but I’m not hearing anything from these images but a few moon rocks. And the accompanying video is just as inexplicable, as it appears Harthcock’s group is trying to solicit investment from NVidia to build a machine which bears a resemblance to Dr. Xavier’s Cerebro.

Harthcock lists some of his credentials after Exhibit E of the letter. “Beginning in 1998, I have been formally trained to the advanced level (Stage-6) in Controlled Remote Viewing by ex-Defense Intelligence Agency military remote viewer, Paul H. Smith, PhD. I have also received training and coaching from ex-DIA military remote viewer Lyn Buchanan as well as coaching from a couple of the best professional CRVers in the industry.”

Remote Viewing was considered a possible military asset by the United States Military, among others, but its efficacy was questionable at best. There was a George Clooney film “exposing” the existence of these psychics – and it’s actually quite entertaining – but public funding for such experimental tools dried up in teh 90s. That doesn’t mean people like Paul Smith can’t attempt to profit from the gullible.

Why did Harthcock send this letter to so many people about his discovery? “Probably the best way to explain it is by evoking the scene in the movie Contact, where the character, Ellie Arroway, in response to the question, ‘Who are you going to tell?’, replies, ‘Everybody!'”

He’s not only motivated by altruism, however. Harthcock also wants to profit from importing alien technology by assembling a crack team of 10 professional psychics. “My goal in forming the team is to pursue research and development of special techniques and methods for transferring technology from the state of nature, and applying for US and international patents for the technology. I just wanted to see if it would be possible to assemble a team of the best Controlled Remote Viewers the world has to offer and see if we could actually locate some ‘foreign’ technology and transfer it back to Earth, adapt it for use on Earth, and obtain patents on it.”

In the space of one document, Harthcock claims that he was able to see an alien crash landing on the moon, and he wants to get more funding to build a machine to pyschicly draw those alien ships to Earth. And he says he does all this because he wants to patent alien technology and make a killing?

You know, I think my estimation of Harthcock just went from mildly amusing crazy person to diabolic supervillain. Someone stop him!

Source: Transception Incorporated

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