PlayStation not Halloween Pumpkin Jack, platformer, headup games, Nicolas Meyssonnier

Pumpkin Jack, this month’s spooky Halloween action platformer, has been given a release date. Developer Nicolas Meyssonnier and publisher Headup Games’ colorful title is coming Oct. 23, giving you more than a week to get heads rolling before Halloween hits. Though not exactly a horror game per se, Pumpkin Jack’s release date trailer does at least promise lots of orange-and-purple environments to fight and jump through.

Pumpkin Jack got an announcement trailer from Headup and Nicolas Meyssonnier earlier this year that showcased more of the different combat scenarios players will find themselves in. If you noticed some similarities between Meyssonnier’s spooky adventure and many action platformers from the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2, then you’re not alone. The game is directly inspired by titles from the PlayStation 2, with inspiration from Jak and Daxter and MediEvil being the most apparent.

Combat is both melee- and gun-based, as Pumpkin Jack requires players master dodging and different weapons. Aside from battling various undead and demonic foes, players will explore Pumpkin Jack by solving puzzles that utilize a variety of different in-game mechanics. All of the game’s unique features are intended to come together to create a title that is constantly offering fresh challenges.

Pumpkin Jack launches on Oct. 23 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam.

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