Pumpkin Jack, Nicolas Meyssonnier, Headup Games, Jak and Daxter, MediEvil

Pumpkin Jack is a Halloween-themed action platformer that looks like a cross between Jak and Daxter and MediEvil. Publisher Headup Games and solo developer Nicolas Meyssonnier released an announcement trailer earlier today that lets curious players know that they are in for a chilling time when it releases later this year. The trailer, which was uploaded in part to celebrate the reveal of the game’s new publisher, can be seen below.

Players play as the mythical Pumpkin Jack as they travel through a variety of landscapes and “help evil annihilate the good” while following the devil himself.

Pumpkin Jack’s Steam page directly lists classic PS2 games as the inspiration for its cartoony art style, but it seems the familiar elements don’t stop there. Gameplay in this MediEvil-styled spooky platformer leans more into the Jak and Daxter side of things thanks to unlockable ranged weapons and combat that requires snappy reflexes. There are puzzles to solve as well, with Meyssonnier and Headup promising that each level carries its own unique theme. Per the trailer, you can see that Jack’s disembodied head will play an essential role in progressing through the game.

The new Pumpkin Jack trailer also showcases a number of set pieces. There seems to be plenty of moments of exploration and roaming through haunted wooded areas, but players will also take down giant bosses, ride on (ghost) horseback, and escape burning barns. A trailer from June of last year also shows off additional bosses and puzzles.

There’s a quick demo you can check out on the Steam page, too, just in case you’re still curious about what the game will play like upon release. For more updates, the Pumpkin Jack Twitter account also regularly updates with new footage.

Pumpkin Jack comes to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in Q4 2020, perhaps around Halloween time?

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