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Quest Master Is Basically a Zelda Maker, and That’s All We Need to Know

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Publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Skydevilpalm have dropped the announcement trailer for Quest Master, a game that lets you create, play, and share your own top-down dungeons in an extremely “Zelda Maker” sort of way. This is not the first game to ever have this idea, and BQM -BlockQuest Maker- (on PC and Nintendo Switch) is an especially fun 3D version of the concept. But Quest Master has some classic SNES and Game Boy Advance energy in its visuals and audio, which makes it a nice addition to the budding genre. It even offers co-op.

You will use drag-and-drop controls to build dungeons, create puzzles, and place traps, enemies, and items, and there are more than eight unique visual themes from which to select. The idea is to offer so many options that everyone will be able to create something cool and unique, to live out their Zelda dungeon-designing dreams. The Quest Master announcement trailer makes it look fairly intuitive too.

Quest Master is “coming soon” only to PC via Steam for now, but Apogee and Skydevilpalm would be out of their minds not to port this to at least Switch. The remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening featured a half-baked dungeon design element, but it just wasn’t that exciting. So if Nintendo can’t be bothered to make a game like this — and since sales of Super Mario Maker 2 were apparently underwhelming, that would make sense — it’s nice that indie developers are giving it a stab.

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