Rabbids: Party of Legends Release Date Set for June 2022 in the West English Nintendo Switch PS4 Xbox One Stadia Ubisoft Chengdu

The big Rabbids video game people think of is Mario + Rabbids. While we still have to wait a bit for the launch of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, there’s another surprise Rabbids game coming to Nintendo Switch and other consoles in the meantime. Rabbids: Party of Legends was China-exclusive last year, but it is now coming west on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia with a June 30, 2022 release date in both physical and digital formats.

Rabbids: Party of Legends is distinctly Chinese in style. Inspired by the novel Journey to the West, the title sees the titular Rabbids whisked away to a mythological world after being trapped in a washing machine. The adventure boasts 50 minigames and includes such activities as striking funny poses, toppling your adversaries, eating hot peppers, and dance battles. Friends can join in on the action locally in either 2v2 or free-for-all modes. Players can also create their own playlists featuring the minigames they love the most. And they can fully customize the AI’s difficulty.

Ubisoft Chengdu, Rabbids: Party of Legends‘ developer, obviously took a lot of inspiration from Chinese imagery for the game. It has tried its best to merge it with the wild antics of the Rabbids. The multiplayer romp looks like a fun enough time and a good party game for gamers who are looking for something else to play since Mario Party Superstars. Unless the whole not addressing abuse still bothers you as much as it does me.

Look out for Rabbids: Party of Legends upon its release date this June.


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