If you were going to race across the USA from coast to coast in Google Street View, how much time would it take?

Driving across the United States of America is a pretty taxing venture. Not only do you have to deal with the cost of gas, food and hotels (unless you try to sleep in the car), you’re spending days cooped up in a tiny box with your foot on the pedal, with nothing to do but chat and stare at the scenery. And there’s a whole stretch out in the Midwest where the scenery ain’t so scenic.

These two guys, on the other hand, found a way to see the US coast-to-coast without ever leaving their house, thanks to the wonders of Google Street View. Their journey from virtual San Francisco to virtual New York took them 90 hours, and required over 100,000 clicks to complete.

Interestingly enough, it takes about ~40-60 hours of driving (depending on route and how fast you go) to actually drive across the States in real life. Unless I’m misunderstanding something about how they calculated the hours or how much time they spent clicking, I wonder what makes this virtual journey take so much longer?

(Demo Slam, via Destructoid)

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