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Radiant Silvergun Finally Blasts Onto PC This Month

Radiant Silvergun Finally Blasts Onto PC This Month

Treasure has announced that its late ‘90s shoot ‘em up classic, Radiant Silvergun, is finally coming to PC via Steam on August 18, 2023 (via Gematsu). The developer revealed the project with publisher and developer Live Wire, publishing a trailer that takes players back to the arcade gameplay they remember. The game’s Steam page does warn that keyboard and mouse controls are no supported, so you’ll need a controller to play. Regardless, it’s a long-awaited arrival for a classic adventure, and you can see it in action in the Radiant Silvergun PC trailer below.

Radiant Silvergun released for arcades in 1998 in Japan, with a Sega Saturn release following shortly after. Xbox 360 versions then followed in 2011, and in 2022, Live Wire helped bring the experience to Nintendo Switch. It’s taken a while, but it’s nice to see Treasure’s work finally made available for even more that might be interested in checking it out.

Radiant Silvergun does have a story for players to enjoy, but its gameplay is undeniably its biggest draw. As described on its Steam page, the PC release comes with a number of features to enjoy. This includes a score system, weapons that can be leveled up, five difficulty settings, a game mode that adopts the rules of Radiant Silvergun spiritual successor Ikaruga, and an online ranking system.

For more on Radiant Silvergun’s story, you can read the synopsis from Steam below. Be sure to stay tuned for any updates on more versions of this arcade gem.

July 14, 2520 AD.
The light emitted by a “stone-like object” excavated from the strata of B.C. enveloped the earth, destroying the human race. Only the four crew members of the space cruiser TETRA and one robonoid barely escaped into satellite orbit. ……

One year later. The TETRA is forced to re-enter the atmosphere because the ship’s supplies have finally been depleted. The battle for the survival of the TETRA begins.

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