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Responding to a recent article that revealed DC Films President Ray Hamada’s aggressive plans to launch the DC Films multiverse, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has sworn that he will never work with the WarnerMedia executive. That statement basically rules him out of any DC film in the future seeing as Hamada oversees the entire cinematic and television world of DC content.

Fisher has been feuding with WarnerMedia, DC Films, and Hamada since this past July when he made claims that Joss Whedon had mistreated the entire cast of Justice League and acted in a demeaning and unprofessional way. Fisher’s co-stars have backed him up with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, stating she also had issues with the director that she resolved privately by taking it to “the higher-ups.” WarnerMedia, for its part, released a statement saying that Fisher had brought his concerns to Hamada and that an investigation was being conducted.

Fisher seemed to have been satisfied with this action as he returned to do reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and even sat on the panel at the virtual DC FanDome event where the trailer premiered. It looked like the two sides had come back together.

The investigation ended on Dec. 11 with the company only saying that it “has concluded and remedial action has been taken.” The statement was incredibly brief, especially in contrast to the studio’s extended clap-back to Fisher’s original complaint. That placating statement obviously didn’t sit well with Fisher, and now he appears to be pulling out of all DC content if this threat is true. Hamada has his fingers in everything that WarnerMedia does with DC, so it would be impossible for Fisher to reprise the role from here on out.

Obviously, the DC Films multiverse (or whatever they’re going to call it) will survive without Ray Fisher, though he was reportedly in talks to appear in The Flash. The actor hardly had time to put his stamp on Cyborg in Justice League, and with the Snyder Cut being called a cul-de-sac timeline, there’s no reason for Hamada to keep the actor around. That, however, doesn’t excuse the flippant response to Fisher’s accusations, which often came off as accusatory towards the actor and not the issue, which even WarnerMedia’s brief statement admits existed.

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