Read Up on The Old Blood’s Backstory With These Collectible Letter Locations

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Dig up story details and trophies or achievements with these collectible letters found throughout the creepy halls and underground tombs of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Letters and gold bars are the primary collectibles scattered across the fascist-infested locales of Wolfenstein. Unlike the shiny gold treasures, letters have a purpose — you can read them. Not exactly revolutionary, but there’s plenty to uncover concerning the mysterious history of King Otto, the town of Wulfburg, and even BJ’s current Nazi nemesis Helga Von Schabbs.

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Letters Collectible Locations Guide

There are ten letter collectibles available in The Old Blood. To read letters, open the “Extras” option in the Main Menu. Collect them all to earn the “Paperboy” and “Postman” achievements / trophies.


  • Letter Location #1: The first letter in The Old Blood is up in Helga’s office after the combat encounter in the archaeology office. When Wesley returns, he lowers a yellow ladder. Climb up and check the map table.

Chapter 1

  • Letter Location #2: As the first chapter begins, BJ finds himself trapped in a prison cell. To the right of the barred passage, there’s a hole with missing bricks. Interact with it to take the hidden letter.

Chapter 3

  • Letter Location #3: Past the early sneaking sections, BJ will reach a hallway with two officer rooms. The first is Rudi Jager’s personal bedroom. The letter is in the fireplace.
  • Letter Location #4: At the two-story library, search for a key in a glass display case in the back-right corner of the second floor. With the key, go to the egg-shaped device beneath the King Otto painting. Use the key and a secret door will open. The letter is on the round table with the recorder.

Chapter 4

  • Letter Location #5: Following Kessler down into the cave cellar following the boss battle, you’ll find a boat at a make-shift dock. Look on the center of the desk across from the bike before boarding the escape boat.

Chapter 5

  • Letter Location #6: Once BJ enters Agent Two’s basement hideout, check the large map desk near the radio equipment.
  • Letter Location #7: Later in the chapter, BJ sneaks into the tavern where Schabbs is staying. Enter her room and look under the window in the back-right corner before talking to Schabbs.

Chapter 6

  • Letter Location #8: Fighting through the burning city, BJ returns to the dock where Kessler hid his boat. The letter is hard to miss — it’s right on the boat’s bench. There is an objective marker. After pulling the boat out from under the floorboards, you’ll see it.

Chapter 7

  • Letter Location #9: Before smashing the doors leading into the exterior courtyard of the defiled burnt church, look in the building to the left of the large doors. There’s an interior area with stone archway windows. There’s a table with a throwing knife and three cups — the letter is between the cups.

Chapter 8

  • Letter Location #10: The last letter is found in the cemetery office before entering the catacombs. There’s a commander standing guard inside the office to the left of the guard tower. Check the desk inside to grab an ancient letter.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Paperboy (20 points / Bronze)
    Collect 5 letters.
  • Postman (20 points / Bronze)
    Collect all letters.

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