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The Not On Steam Sale is a fantastic collection of more than 35 indie games that you just can’t get on Steam.

Steam is home to an awful lot of great games, but not all great games are on Steam. Because of that, they often tend to be overlooked; Steam is just so easy, convenient and well-stocked that a lot of gamers just don’t bother looking elsewhere. But the Not On Steam Sale that went live today isn’t quite so easy to ignore.

The name of the sale says it all: It’s a whole bunch of indie games that aren’t on Steam, brought together in one place and put on sale. It’s not a bundle – each game is priced individually and you can buy as many or as few as you like. Some of the markdowns are fairly slight while others are cut more dramatically, and one is even free.

A few highlights: Race the Sun, a high-speed 3D racer, on for half price at $5; Vox, also half-price at $5; MouseCraft, currently in beta and available as “pay what you want”; Cute Things Dying Violently, one of the more self-explanatory games on the market, which is actually free; and Girls Like Robots, which is both tougher and more charming than it appears, at half-price – and you guessed it, $5. Most of the games in the sale are also on Steam Greenlight, and voting links are provided.

The sale was actually inspired by the “launch experiences” of Aaron San Filippo, co-founder of Race the Sun studio Flippfly. A blog post about those experiences helped draw attention to Race the Sun and push it to the top of the Greenlight list, and this sale is the studio’s way of helping other indies increase their visibility as well – and earn a few bucks in the bargain. The Not On Steam Sale is live now and runs for one week.

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UPDATE: The Not On Steam Sale has been growing since it launched and now, with a little less than five days remaining, is up to 60 titles, all 25 percent off or more. Highlights among the newly-added games include I Get This Call Every Day, Real World Racing and my favorite of the bunch, Marvin’s Mittens. If you didn’t see anything you liked the first time around, it might be worth giving it another look – and keeping an eye on it until it’s over.

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