Real-Life FPS Puts Random Chatroulette Users in Control

This incredible real life FPS challenges Chatroulette users to guide a space marine to safety.

We all know that about one in five Chatroulette sessions simply results in a man masturbating, but occasionally it can be used for something really, really cool. Case in point: this amazing real-life first person shooter that puts random users in charge of its space marine protagonist. The idea is fairly simple, when connected, the random user is instead shown a traditional first person view point, complete with health bar and gnarly Doom-style player portrait. They are asked to type “START” to take control, after which our adventuring space marine will do whatever it is his new commander asks.

The project was put together by the folks at RealmStudios, and the video you’ll see to the right is the highlights of several “playthroughs”. Players start out in a small, locked chapel with no weapons, and will have to equip themselves and fight through various zombies, demons and… doors, to find the end of the level.

What’s really cool is all the attention-to-detail it has. The setting – what appears to be an old church, is super creepy and perfect for setting the mood, and little things such as a “quick-time event” and classic Doom sound effects really make it something awesome.

If you’d like to know more about how they put this thing together, check out the behind the scenes video.

Source: YouTube

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