A French prankster goes the extra mile by driving a go-kart and dropping banana peels in full Mario regalia.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who imagines tossing red shell at the bastard who cut me off on the highway. But the French comedian Remi Gaillard took that fantasy one step further by donning Mario garb and driving around a crowded street and even into a grocery store before being stopped by security, and eventually the cops. Not before he drops a few banana peels on unsuspecting motorists, though. The Mario Kart video shown below is actually a sequel to Gaillard’s first lap around Mario Raceway/Paris from 2008.

Gaillard is something of a public figure in France, where his pranks, such as pretending to be an athlete, have gained him notoriety. He’s appeared on talk shows and advertisements, and has been interviewed in the French newspaper Le Monde. All of his pranks are of the hidden camera variety, which reminds me nothing more than those crazy Just Kidding videotapes marketed to Americans watching late-night TV in the 90s.

Each of Gaillard’s videos signs off with a title card reading, “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” which translated into English means “It’s by doing whatever that one becomes whomever.”

In this case, Gaillard has become an Italian plumber with a penchant for bananas. And I suppose that makes the cops and security guys Goombas.

Source: Nimportequi.com

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