Who would’ve guessed that toppings like licorice and granola on top of pizza would be a gross combination? Oh, wait, everyone would guess that.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon of the 1990s was known for many things. There was the rocking theme song, the butt-kicking action, the super-popular toy line it inspired, and (of course) the truly bizarre pizza toppings that the Turtles kept on scarfing down. Unsurprisingly, topping combinations like peanut butter and clams taste pretty gross, as a real-life taste test determined.

Recently, a group of Ninja Turtles fans (hosted by the Angry Video Game Nerd) decided to throw a party where they recreated some of the most bizarre pizza creations that Michelangelo listed. That’s all good and fine, but then these idiots actually tried to eat the darn things and make a video about the experience. Unsurprisingly, the attached video is full of foul language, as well some truly vile-looking slices of pizza.

Honestly, I’ve always wondered how the show’s writers came up with the pizzas that Michelangelo would talk about. Even when I was eight-years-old, they sounded like pretty dreadful things to ingest. Looking at the video footage, it’s kind of reassuring to see that I had at least a little common sense, even when I was that young.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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