Real Life Super Mario Bros. Question Block Spits Actual Coins


Low on funds? Just put on a helmet and find one of these Super Mario Bros. question mark blocks in the real world.

The question mark blocks in Super Mario Bros. are weird. You just smash them with your head, and money or other strange objects magically appear. They could never exist in real life, right? Wrong.

An inventor has created an actual Super Mario Bros. question mark block that works exactly like the one in the game. The one that spits out coins, anyway.

The block is a lot more complicated than you might think. It involves all sorts of springs, levers, servo motors, circuit boards, and an MP3 player. I’m pretty sure Mario doesn’t know how to solder, so the blocks found in the Mushroom Kingdom probably just work through some kind of strange magic.

“Brunoip” of Instructables has put together step-by-step instructions on the website that show you how to build your own, complete with graphics to put on the sides. The only thing it doesn’t do is float in the air. Now if he could just make one that unleashes that wonderful, invincibility-awarding star, or at least the Tanooki suit.

Source: Instructables

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