Navigating a virtual world as Rebecca Black could be the toughest gaming challenge of all time.

Anyone that hasn’t seen the music video for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is depriving themselves of one of the greatest musical compositions the universe has ever known. Trust me on this one. YouTube’s “smalesandpayne” have turned the story of the song into a Game Boy Color game, and boy is it tough.

First, players have to get out of bed. As if that wasn’t enough, then they have to get dressed in “fresh” clothes. I know, impossible right?

Future quests ask Rebecca to “go downstairs,” “get cereal,” and “go to the bus stop,” only rewarding players with a thumbs up each time. If Rebecca can make it through those horrors, she’s faced with the game’s first real dilemma.

Her friends pull up in a car with 5 seats, already holding 4 passengers. Rebecca has to choose a seat, but she can’t sit in one that’s already occupied. If she uses up all of her hearts picking the wrong seat, a rapper makes fun of her.

The game is only an animation at the moment, but I’d give up my weekends for a year to see an actual version made. It looks fun, fun, fun, fun. I just hope it comes with a strategy guide.

Source: Reddit

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