Recoil Games Ltd. Opens in Finland


Recoil Games, Ltd. based in Helsinki, intends to use “cinegame” design techniques on next-gen consoles and the PC. These involve making action games with the scope, feel and cast of epic disaster movies for next generation consoles and PC.

Recoil Games is headed by several industry veterans, including Samuli Syvähuoko, was the Managing Director of Remedy Entertainment, the company behind the [/i]Max Payne[/i] franchise. He also helped set up Future Mark, the industry leader in benchmarking software, and founded Fathammer, a provider of 3-D mobile games and technologies.

The other founders of Recoil Games are Technology Director Jarkko Lempiäinen, Level Design Director Samuli Viikinen, Design Director Aki Määttä, Art Director Mikko Kautto, Senior Game Designer Petteri Putkonen and Lead Concept Artist Hans Zenjuga. These team members have worked previously at companies including Bugbear, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Fathammer, Guerrilla Games (Sony), Housemarque, Remedy Entertainment, Treyarch (Activision) and Ubisoft.

Recoil Games’ first project is an original concept and utilizes in-house technology and third party tools.

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