Sony’s PlayStation 3 Home will receive its wings with its first corporate sponsor, Red Bull.

The wing-granting energy drink will be the first consumer brand to build its own “Home Space”: a virtual tropical island hosting airplane-flying mini-games based on the company’s Red Bull Air Race competition (pictured).

John Beasley, the brand manager for Red Bull in Britain, says that Home allows companies to develop “memorable and rich content” for their products.

“It’s an easy environment for brands to take that first step into gaming,” he explained.

“The game gave us the first opportunity to recreate in the gaming world what we try to do in the real world, which is to facilitate interaction, to give people stories, memories, experiences and a really good opportunity to interact with the brand,” he said.

PlayStation Home will act as a digital world and online multiplayer interface for the PlayStation Network, Sony’s counterpart to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Similar to Second Life, users will control an avatar roaming a 3D world whenever Sony decides to publicly launch it.

Source: Brand Republic via GamesIndustry

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