Red Dead Redemption‘s Awesome Launch Trailer Rides Into Town


Grab your six-shooter and gather up a posse: It’s Red Dead Redemption time.

As hard as it is to believe, Rockstar San Diego’s long-awaited open-world Wild West game Red Dead Redemption is just a few short days away – and to celebrate (and get us all pumped), Rockstar has unleashed the launch trailer on the internet.

Frankly speaking, it looks amazing. Obviously, we won’t know how good John Marston’s journey of redemption and revenge is until we get our hands on it (though Susan Arendt quite enjoyed it, but after this trailer? Consider me pumped way the hell up.

You know, I’m going to indulge my curiosity here for a moment: I know we have a lot of readers based outside of North America in Europe, Australia, and the like. Part of why Red Dead Redemption personally appeals to me is because the whole “Wild West” era has a really iconic place in American pop culture. The idea of an open world game in which you can experience that “Showdown at High Noon”-style life is really intriguing.

Obviously, it isn’t part of your own national history if you’re outside of North America, but does it still have that same draw? How do you guys see the Wild West from an outsiders’ point of view, anyway?

But I digress: Red Dead Redemption looks excellent, and it’s out next week on May 18th (NA) and May 21st (PAL). Don’t miss it.

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