A leaked trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming Red Steel 2 shows off the game’s new Wii MotionPlus controls and impressive art style.

Someone at Ubisoft has some ‘splaining to do. Yesterday a trailer for Red Steel 2, the recently announced swashbuckling and pistol shooting wagglefest sequel to the Wii launch title, was leaked to the internet.

Most striking about the brief clip, which stars one of those super-hot models “playing” the game like in every trailer for a Wii game, is the game’s new art style. When Ubisoft announced the game last week, they teased that it would have “an artistic style and flair created just for Wii,” which we took to be no more than PR talk, but they have a real case here. Sporting a bold, cartoony style (reminds me of No More Heroes if it had actually looked good), Red Steel 2 could be one of the best looking titles on the Wii, if the trailer isn’t pulling our legs.

Gameplay-wise the trailer doesn’t say much, aside from that there’ll be sword swinging and shooting (duh). It makes it look like the game has genuine 1:1 controls – at one point the hunky player starts twirling his Wiimote like a fencer and the in-game character does the same motion. We’ll see how this actually works in-game (and whether it looks as good as the trailer suggests) when we can get our hands on it.

Finally, you might notice a pre-trailer snippet of info refers to the clip as the “Destination PlayStation Trailer,” which makes no sense since the game’s a Wii exclusive (or is it?). CVG speculated, after learning that the trailer was for internal use only, that Ubisoft intended to use the trailer at the Destination PlayStation event, which was earlier this year. It probably doesn’t mean there’s going to be a PlayStation version. Probably.

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