Remastered Beatles Catalog Alongside Rock Band


Get ready to Meet the Beatles all over again – a digitally remastered complete Beatles catalog will be released on 09/09/09 to coincide with the launch of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music announced yesterday that they will be releasing 14 titles in total on Wednesday, September 9th – all 12 original Beatles albums, Magical Mystery Tour, and Past Masters (which will be released as one two-disc set).

Each of the CDs is packaged with replicated original UK album art, including expanded booklets containing original and newly written liner notes and rare photos. For a limited period, each CD will also be embedded with a brief documentary film about the album.

It’s unclear from the press release, but if I’m reading this correctly, each individual album will have its own mini-documentary, from Meet the Beatles to Let It Be. It would also be kinda awesome if we got the feature films HELP! and Yellow Submarine along with the CDs, but… eh, no big deal.

So now, you can listen to The Beatles… as you sing along to The Beatles in … The Beatles: Rock Band! How lucky is that?!

Or, uh, I guess you could always buy it as a gift for your parents. They’ll probably still love it, even if they do have four copies of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Etc. already.

(Fun fact: I originally started writing this newspost with the intention of making plays on words with various Beatles album titles – you have no idea how hard it is to try and casually work “Yellow Submarine” into an actual sentence.)

(The Beatles via Game|Life)

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