Remember Me Trailer Deletes The Bad and Replicates the Good


The live-action trailer serves as a sort of prologue for the game, which is due out later this week.

“What if we could change, upgrade memory?” asks Antoine, a character in Capcom’s upcoming sci-fi action game Remember Me. Antoine is the founder of Memorize, an agency that can alter and erase a person’s memory. “Delete the bad, and replicate the good,” he continues. The new live-action trailer offers a reflective and somber look into the final thoughts of Antoine, and shows Nilin, the game’s main character, being taken to the Bastille where she will wake at the beginning of the game. It serves as a kind of prologue to the game, which is out on June 4 in North America, and June 7 in Europe.

The trailer offers some explanation into how the dsytopian world of Remember Me got so dystopian in the first place. Sci-fi’s about memory alteration aren’t an altogether new genre, but Remember Me looks to expand on it by giving Nilin the ability to pull some cool gameplay tricks by altering a person’s memories in real time.

The character of Nilin herself was developed in the face of much adversity. At first, developer Dontnod Studios had to fight tooth and nail to keep her as a female, when publishers insisted that they use a male protagonist. She was then developed to be more of an “everywoman” than a “super-heroine”, with the developer stating that they wanted Nilin to feel “real,” and shied away from the “sexy” route.

Remember Me will be available on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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