Legacy of the Void Protoss Zeratul

Blizzard has asked outlets to issue requests for Legacy of The Void Beta Keys, which usually means the Beta will launch within a month.

Blizzard may seemingly have its hands full with new releases Hearthstone and Heroes of The Storm, but once upon a time, it was a company famous for its Real-Time Strategy series: StarCraft and WarCraft. Blizzard’s oldest and most hardcore fans have been very patiently awaiting the conclusion of the StarCraft II trilogy, Legacy of The Void, and now it looks like it may be just around the corner. Reports are coming in from various eSports and media outlets that the title’s Beta may launch within the next few weeks.

Essentially, Blizzard has asked these outlets to put their requests in for Legacy of The Void beta keys, which usually means the launch is imminent. One source told The Daily Dot that last time a request was issued for a Blizzard title “the keys arrived about three weeks later.”

An eSports specific outlet added: “Blizzard will be aiming for an end of March or early April release. It’s great timing for them. WCS Season 1 will be all but over and this will give players plenty of time to stream the beta and generate some excitement. As things stand the beta is pretty much ready to launch with the balance team just tweaking a few units.”

It is likely that Legacy of The Void‘s beta will roll out in a similar fashion to Heart of The Swarm – initially closed with access to the pros, the press and people’s machines that fit a certain type of spec, and gradually ramping up to include more and more players.

Considering StarCraft II launched all the way back in 2010, fans have been waiting a good five years to finally get the conclusion of Raynor, Kerrigan, and Zeratul’s story. Hell, it’s about time.

Source: The Daily Dot

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