Rescue Kessler or Annette for Alternate Endings in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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See two alternative ending sequences and unlock extra challenge stages with our guide explaining how to save both important characters in the later chapters of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Just as a warning, there are going to be spoilers for the second half of The Old Blood, lots of them. Once all hell breaks loose in Chapter 6, two of BJ’s innocent companions are put into harm’s way. Without even realizing it, most players will choose to save one of these particular characters. Rescue isn’t just rewarded with a trophy or achievement, each path earns an extra challenge level. Get all the details with the full walkthrough below.

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How to Save Kessler or Annette

During Chapter 6 of The Old Blood BJ can choose to save either Kessler or Annette. Only one can be saved per chapter playthrough — saving one leads to the death of the other.

These two characters first appear in Chapter 4. After the tavern assault, BJ enters the underground dock and leaves for Wulfburg. Before leaving, it’s possible to take Annette’s bag for an alternate cutscene while leaving on the boat.

Kessler Saved or Annette Saved – Guide

After encountering the boat dock, BJ discovers Annette and Kessler have fled. Fighting through the undead hordes, he’ll have to traverse the first sneaking section of Chapter 5.

Swimming through the broken metal gate, you’ll find a cracked wall. Climb up using pipes, you’ll now have two options.

  • The left path leads to Annette while the right path leads to Kessler.

To unlock every challenge stage, you must save both Kessler and Annette. The left path unlocks the “Bathhouse” challenge stage, while the right path unlocks the “Workshop” challenge stage.

Both combat areas feature Heavy Troopers and other Nazi soldiers fighting shambling dead. Clear the rooms to find Annette or Kessler fending off zombies.

After clearing the debris, shoot dead the creatures then help Kessler squeeze through a passage while Annette is lifted up through the ceiling.

Kessler wants to drop flyers on Berlin, likely leading to his capture and execution. Meanwhile, Annette wants to save a person trapped in the city who is very special to her.

Depending on who you save, the final cutscene is slightly altered showing how successful their escape was, or how meaningful certain people are.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Kessler Saved (20 points / Bronze)
    Choose to save Kessler.
  • Annette Saved (20 points / Bronze)
    Choose to save Annette.

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