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Resident Evil 3 Guide: All Weapon Modification Locations

Resident Evil 3 guns weapon modification locations guide upgrades

The action focus in Resident Evil 3 makes your armory more important than ever before. Feel like your guns are as effective as a wet fart? Can’t stop getting Jill sandwiched? Here are the locations to all the weapon modifications / upgrades available in the game. These will trick out your G19 handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle (Carlos), and MAG, as well as net you the Kendo’s Protégé record.

G19 Handgun

g19 handgun Resident Evil 3 weapon modification locations guide upgrades

Dot Sight (Handgun) – Downtown, in the Aqua Cure fan’s safe in the building across from Kite Bros Railway. You can find the code in Redstone Pharmacy.

Extended Magazine (Handgun) – Downtown. Nemesis drops this after the substation, but before the Kite Bros puzzle. This is when Nemesis busts through the wall to chase you. Down him. Feel free to use a barrel or grenade.

Moderator (Handgun) – Downtown. Nemesis drops this outside Moon’s Donuts, after the Kite Bros puzzle. This is after you see Nemmy infecting zombies with tentacles. Again, down him with a barrel or grenade.


shotgun Resident Evil 3 weapon modification locations guide upgrades

Tactical Stock (Shotgun) – Downtown. Use a second gem (The color doesn’t matter; it’s always the second one you use.) on the Clock Tower commemoration in the Subway Station save room.

Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun) – Downtown. Kendo’s Gun Shop has this on a shelf.

Shell Holder (Shotgun) – Hospital Underground Storage. In the fuse maze in Underground Storage, there are a number of platforms you can raise or lower. You’re looking for the platform in the southeast corner – the first one that stays raised to access fuse #1, right near a Charlie doll. Lower it using either the switch on the ground floor or on the platform itself. On the south side of the ground floor is an alcove that is accessible with the platform lowered, with a case containing the upgrade.

Assault Rifle (Carlos)

assault rifle carlos Resident Evil 3 weapon modification locations guide upgrades

Scope (Assault Rifle) – RPD, in West Office (1F). Use Brad’s ID card to open the locked case.

Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle) – Hospital. Jump out the southwest second-story window. You’ll find it in a pot to the east. You can then jump the ledge to get the Locker Room key.

Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle) – Hospital. Nurse’s Station safe. The code is in a memo found in the operating room.


MAG gun guns

Extended Barrel (MAG) – Hospital Underground Storage. After the fuse maze, go up the elevator to the Surveillance Room where Nikolai was. It’s in a case on the ground behind the front-right corner of the long bench.

Don’t forget to combine the mods with your guns manually; otherwise, they won’t work. Additionally, the Moderator (Handgun) and Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun) upgrades make your weapons take up two slots each, so be mindful. You can always remove the mod that doubles your weapon size (and only those mods) in your inventory – just select the modded weapon and choose to “remove parts.”

Now you know all the locations of weapon modifications / upgrades in Resident Evil 3. Happy hunting.

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