Resident Evil 6 Listed on Two Resumés, May Be Set in China


Prior to any annoucements from Capcom, Resident Evil 6 has appeared on two voice actors’ resumés, one of which hints at Chinese connections. Rumor-mill, activate!

Up until now, all we knew about Resident Evil 6 was that Capcom is making the game and that one of its producers said it will be “totally different” to previous instalments. In the past two days, however, RE6 has appeared in two different actors’ online resumés, launching the internet into a whirl of speculation about the game itself and whether or not it’ll be set in China.

The first of the two resumés to be discovered belongs to one John Cappelletti, who had Resident Evil 6 listed as a voice credit on his resumé until yesterday, when the mention was removed without warning or comment. Luckily Siliconera, who found the page, took a screenshot for posterity before the title was removed.

The second RE6 resumé cameo, as unearthed and screencapped by, is on the page of a Chinese voice actress called Wendy Mok (whose past zombie work includes credits for Dead Island). Mok describes her role in RE6 as that of “Chinese villager/zombie,” a descriptor which has fans wondering whether or not the game will be set in China.

No hints, rumors, resumé listings or other tidbits have surfaced regarding the game’s release date, however. All we know right now that even Milla Jovovich, who has worked on Resident Evil films before, says Capcom won’t tell her.

Having spoken of its wish to release RE6 as quickly as it could in order to capitalize on gains made by Resident Evil 5 in 2010, it should come as no surprise that mentions of RE6 are popping up barely a year after the company spoke of those intentions. China doesn’t seem like a bad location for a Resident Evil title; its massive cities and vast countryside would lend themselves well to either chilling, post-apocalyptic tension or all-out panic and mayhem fueled by the world’s largest population. Mmm, delicious speculation!

Source: CVG, via OXM

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